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Routine eye exams performed by eye care specialists are an important part of your preventive health plan. The optometry team at Michael's Optical in Lenox Hill, Manhattan, emphasizes the importance of routine eye exams and recommends you undergo a comprehensive eye exam every 1-2 years, whether you wear corrective lenses or not. To schedule your comprehensive eye exam, call the New York City office or request an appointment using the online booking tool today.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Q & A

What is a comprehensive eye exam?

A comprehensive eye exam is similar to your annual wellness exam, except, of course, that it focuses on the health and function of your eyes. Routine comprehensive eye exams are essential for preventing, diagnosing, and treating eye conditions that affect vision. 

The optometry professionals at Michael’s Optical offer comprehensive eye exams for all ages, including children, teens, and adults. 

How often do I need a comprehensive eye exam?

The optometry team determines how often you need a comprehensive eye exam based on your vision and eye health needs. For those who don’t wear corrective lenses or have an eye condition, the team recommends you schedule a comprehensive eye exam every two years. 

However, if you wear glasses or contact lenses or have an eye condition, the team recommends you undergo a comprehensive eye exam every year to monitor your eye health and vision needs. 

What can I expect during a comprehensive eye exam?

You can expect a thorough evaluation when you come in for a comprehensive eye exam at Michael’s Optical. 

For those with a busy schedule, the team may address questions and concerns prior to your comprehensive eye exam to help you get the care you need without taking up too much of your valuable time.

During your eye exam, the team first reviews your medical and eye health history and then performs a number of tests to assess vision and eye health, including:

Visual acuity

The visual acuity test assesses how well you see out of each eye. During the test, the team has you read letters off an eye chart at distances near and far. 

Preliminary tests

Preliminary tests evaluate eye health and function and may include assessments of your depth perception, color vision, eye muscle movement, and how well your pupil responds to light.

Eye health evaluation

During the eye health evaluation, the team assesses the external and internal structures of your eyes using a variety of tools after dilating your pupils. The eye health evaluation portion of your comprehensive eye exam screens for eye conditions such as glaucoma. 

After your comprehensive eye exam, the team develops your personalized treatment plan. Michael’s Optical is a full-service optometry practice and offers prescription glasses and contact lenses for those with vision needs.

To schedule your comprehensive eye exam, call Michael’s Optical or book online today.